As a form of entertainment, playing at an online casino can be a source of fun and big winnings. But without a full understanding of the basics and knowledge of how they can affect your game, you can’t expect to get good entertainment benefits.

The RTP of any slot or casino game found online is a kind of theoretical calculation of the total amount that players will get back over a certain period of time. The higher this percentage is, the more often a player will be able to win for playing in a given period of time. RTP is set in advance by casino game developers and cannot guarantee any random big wins or losses. It can only indicate an average amount that will be returned over the course of the game. RTP is the opposite of house edge. This means that if a game has an RTP of 96.3%, the house edge will be 3.7%.


The formula used to calculate RTP is quite simple. The total amount returned to players is divided by the total amount of bets made by players. Theoretically, with an RTP of 96.3%, for every $100 wagered by all players, you can get back $96.30. RTP counts the largest winnings in the average. This means that if a player gets a jackpot win from a game, the rest of the players enjoying the same game at the same time will experience a loss on their bets.


RTP in video slots is a type of average payout that can be awarded. In fact, video slots have a set variance that dictates how often they will pay out. When you decide to play video slots, you need to pay attention to the RTP percentage and its variance. There are three categories of video slot variance: Low Variance, Medium Variance and High Variance. Slots with low variance pay out small wins quite often. High variance slots rarely pay out big wins. Slots with medium variance provide a balance between small, regular payouts and the possibility of hitting big wins. A video slot’s RTP and its variance go hand in hand. They are the main factors in ensuring a rewarding and fun gaming experience. When playing video slots, you are stuck with a fixed Return to Player percentage with no way to change it.


Compared to video slots, there are casino games that have a different impact on RTP. They have a flexible RTP. You can turn the odds in your favor and ensure you win by applying the right strategy and skill to the game. Blackjack is an example of a game with a flexible RTP. In each hand of an online Blackjack game, you can easily influence the RTP through the choices you make. This can be done by applying the ideal strategy for playing blackjack. This strategy is determined by the blackjack variety and its set of rules.

Another game that has a flexible RTP is Video Poker. It allows you to apply a strategy and change the odds in your favor. You can find Video Poker variants that provide the option to increase your RTP to over 100%. You can increase your chances of winning by applying the right strategy chart. The truth is that this is not an easy task. In fact, it involves playing near the upper end of the betting scale, and this can be difficult, especially if you are playing on a bankroll budget.


RTP is calculated for thousands of games. Because of this, any player can potentially hit the jackpot on the very first spin. At the same time. you can play hundreds of spins and not hit a single jackpot. RTP charts give you the right to choose the best games that will offer a better payout. But don’t forget that choosing the video slot or table game you want to play will not guarantee you a win. Online casino games remain games of chance. Winning is never a given, and the odds will never be fully in your favor. Even if when playing online games like blackjack or video poker you are allowed to use the right strategies or bet at the highest levels, don’t count on them to help you win.